ENBased in Geneva and founded in 2011, the AMI graphic design collective is now composed of Adeline Senn and Martin Maeder. @ami__studio

FRLa grande chaîne alimentaire

Bade SaisonZH

ENBade Saison is a graphic design studio from Zurich, Switzerland, run by Lukas Ackermann and Andreas Spörri.

ENWerke in zwei Bänden

The artwork is based on a poem (attached) which speaks of the so called land of milk and honey (Schlaraffenland); an idealistic and decadent desire of having all kinds of food in \cb3 abundance whenever and wherever you are. Our work is a visual interpretation and transportation into the present, working with images of fast food commercials; which kind of stand for our modern relationship to food and consuming in general.

Well known to the lazy,
It lies three miles beyond Christmas,
And he who wants to seek it out
Has great feats to accomplish,
He must eat through a mountain of millet gruel
There must be three miles of it
And then he\'92ll find himself in
The selfsame Schlaraffenland,
Whose riches are so renowned.

Its houses are thick with yarns of flax,
Its doors and window sashes made of gingerbread,
The walls and floors are made of bacon bread,
Its balconies from pork sausages.

And each house is surrounded by a fence
Made of roasted sausages,
Its fountains flow with Madeira wine,
Running straight into the mouth;
Pastries hang from the fir trees,
Just where here they would bear cones.

For a big lie, one receives a crown,
Though to be clear, one should not be so seen,
For one must be moderate in his reason,
He who makes use of his reason and wit,
Will receive no respect in this land.

A man who shows cultivation and honor
Will be driven from the land,
And he who works diligently with his hands,
Will be forbidden from entering Schlaraffenland.

He who\'92s worthless and has no will to learn,
Will be a big success in this realm,
And the laziest of all will, when recognized,
Be crowned king of the land.
He who is wasteful, wild and stupid,
Crude and senseless at every occasion,
He will be made into a prince.
He who proudly battles with a Leberwurst,
He will be elevated to a knighthood.
And he who pays attention to nothing more
Than eating, drinking and sleeping,
He will be turned into a Count.
He who is foolish and incompetent,
Will in this land be an aristocrat

He who lives in such a way,
Will go far in Schlaraffenland.

Thus it was written in olden times,
For the improvement of the youth,
So often grown indolent and gluttonous,
Inartful, without vision, and forgetful,
So that you understand the real Schlaraffenland,
You know to punish the indolent,
That you learn the value of work,
For laziness brings you nothing good.

Hans Sachs, Das Schlauraffenlant (1530) in: Werke in zwei Bänden, vol. 1, pp. 297-300
(K.M. Schiller ed. 1966)(S.H. transl.)

Balmer HahlenVD

ENBalmer Hahlen has been founded in 2011 by Priscilla Balmer and Yvo Hahlen. Previously A3 studio, Blamer Hahlen is based in Lausanne since 2013.

ENLégumes Anciens / Old vegetables

Some Vegetables have nearly disappeared from store stand. Victims of modern eating’s standardization or defeated by other vegetables, it’s been yet the main food of our ancestor during edges. Through this poster we put the spotlight on forgotten vegetables by showing a non-exhaustive list. Among this list, scorzonera, black long root is brought out in the middle of the poster.

Bureau CollectiveSG

ENBureau Collective is a multidisciplinary creative studio founded in 2009 by Ollie Schaich and Ruedi Zürcher in St.Gallen, Switzerland.

ENNice To Tofu You

To welcome visitors at the «Bon Appétit» exhibition at Hans Wilsdorf Area we came up with the idea to work with the title «Nice to meet you». We replaced «meet» who can also be pronounced as «meat» with «tofu» instead. Our vision was to find a positive, motivating and playful way to concern about the wide issue of the upcoming exhibition. One first little step could be to reduce or stop consuming meat, even happy tofu won’t save the planet alone.


ENClaudiabasel is a Basel based design office founded by Roland John, Thomas Bircher and Jiri Oplatek.


ENEmphase is a graphic design agency based in Lausanne since 2010, founded by Fabienne Kichör and Sebastien Fasel.

Nutrition is a major topic that concerns ecological issues and world population increase. Bugs are one of some solutions to answer to this problem.

Futur NeueGE

ENFutur Neue is an independent, Geneva-based, graphic design and research design studio, founded by Constance Delamadeleine, Alex Dujet and Sébastien Mathys.

ENStop Shark Finning

Every year tens of millions of sharks die a slow death because of finning. “Finning” is the inhumane practice of hacking off the shark’s fins and throwing its still living body back into the sea.


ENGiganto bring together Bruno Charbonnaz and Alexandre Renaud.

Josh SchaubLU

ENJosh Schaub is a graphic designer based in Luzern. He specialized in motion design.

ENMousse au chocolat

Neo NeoGE

ENNeo Neo is a Geneva-based visual communications and graphic design studio jointly led by Thuy-An Hoang and Xavier Erni.

Notter + Vigne + MaraVD

ENNotter+Vigne is a graphic design studio based in Lausanne and founded in 2002 by ulien Notter et Sébastien Vigne



Niels WehrspannVD

ENNiels Wehrspann is a graphic designer based in Lausanne

When we bring up agriculture and nutrition issue, one have an inclination towards favoring small-scale or individual solutions. Regarding public authority or citizen community initiative. If those are salutary or necessary, it tend to get over the power issue - large retailers and agri-food industry’s power. It’s often criticized, but the setting up of collective strategy stays marginal.

Offshore StudioZH

ENOffshore is a Zurich-based design practice, founded by the duo Isabel Seiffert and Christoph Miler.

ENThe taste of Victory

A man hunting (and eating) animals is one of the biggest masculine symbols our culture has to offer. It represents power – the power used by the male hunter to kill the animal, but also the power absorbed from the dead victim that’s mythically transferred to the hunter eating the flesh. This strong connection between meat, masculinity and power is still very present in todays society, when modern bibles like Men’s Health are writing: „If your instincts tell you following a vegetarian diet isn’t manly, you are right.“ So eating animals still acts as a mirror of masculinity, physical strength, patriarchal values, oppression and violence against other beings. The presented technological Wiener sausage is one of the ultimate symbols of todays synthesized meat-eating culture that still tolerates this notion of masculinity. It is not just a piece of meat: through its history, its production process and visual codes it becomes an abstract symbol of virility, male power and violence, the patriarchate, it is a visual metaphor for artificiality, a phallus and a weapon. And above all it still gives men a certain taste in their mouths: The taste of their own victory.


ENOnlab has been created in 2001 by Nicolas Bourquin. In 2016, Vanja Golubovic and Thibaud Tissot have co-founded a new studio in Geneva.


Did you ever noticed those incomprehensible code on your favorite food packaging? It’s an european reference to food additives, substances with specific functions intentionally add to food to improve their qualities. It’s natural or synthetic products which mostly have consequences on our health and our metabolism. Here it is a large panorama : more than 500 additives sorted by toxicity, family, food code and side effect.

Präsens BüroLU

ENRaphael Schoen is a founding member of the Praesens graphic office partnership, together with Simon Rueegg, Dorothee Daehler and Kai Lehmann in 2015 in Lucerne. Their work focusses on self-initiated projects and commissioned work in the field of culture.


The packaging of established food brands maintains to be incredibly healthy, beneficial, fresh, natural or simply the best of its kind. I have gathered these superlatives in my poster and integrated them in a collage.

Studio GambettaGE

ENStudio Gambetta has been founded by Benoît Dumont, Franco Szymanski and Marc Aymon in 2015 win Geneva.


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TM — David Mamie et Nicola TodeschiniGE


Photo: Nicholas Burdett